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Fox News and Shady Contributors! June 11, 2008

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It is no surprise that credibility and integrity are not high priorities at Fox News. Fox News caters to a niche market. Fox News is geared for those who feel that the other media channels have a liberal bias and do not reflect their values or ideas. Fox News’ intended audience is conservatives and Republicans and specifically those who feel as though the other news outlets do not reflect their cultural values. However, Fox News also often plays to the lowest common denominator when it comes to the so called- culture wars. Their pundits and talking heads often play on common public fears or misconceptions. They often show case pundits or talking heads such as Bill O Reilly and Ann Coulter who are known for shouting down or disparaging those who disagree with them.

However, this post is about their shady contributors. If you have watched the O Reilly Factor or Hannity and Colmes you have probably seen Dick Morris endlessly criticizing the Clintons. However, I have not seen the hosts of these shows acknowledge that Morris might have a rather obvious personal bias when it comes to the Clintons. Dick Morris had been Bill Clinton’s Campaign Manager but was forced to resign due to a scandal. Morris, who was married, had been caught with a prostitute who he had allowed to listen to some of his private conversations with Clinton. Dick Morris is also often credited for teaching the Clintons the very same negative tactics that he regularly criticizes them for on Fox News.

Another regular contributor on Fox News is Oliver North. Oliver North was involved in the Iran-Contra scandal during the Reagan Administration. North is credited for selling weapons to Iran and helping to fund the Contras in Nicaragua. North has also been accused of aiding in drug smuggling and destroying documents dealing with the scandal. He has denied any involvement in drug dealing.

Recently, Karl Rove has become a political analyst at Fox News. As many know Karl Rove is widely believed to have been involved in leaking the identity of a CIA operative.

Why does Fox News hire such shady individuals with questionable ethics? Is it because Fox News cares more about ratings and niche marketing than professional standards? Of course it does. These individuals are infamous conservatives and Fox News was made for such individuals. It doesn’t matter if they might have biases or conflicts of interests.

Fox News has a conservative bias and a conservative agenda. Fox News plays to a certain segment of the population, who often feels under-represented in the media. However, their zeal for this market often overshadows professional ethics and standards.



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