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Center-Right? Christian Women have Abortions too! November 22, 2008

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The election illuminated many aspects of America’s social and cultural demographics. One of the most interesting phenomena was that in the states where anti-gay legislation were passed, ballot measures to limit aspects of abortion rights were resoundingly defeated. Many of the same Evangelical Christians that voted against gay marriage also voted against limiting abortion.

How could this be? Evangelicals are divided on abortion rights and gay rights? But I thought they were equally against both and that these were the wedge issues that they use as their battle cry to rally up the base.

Well as it turns out and I’m embarrassed that I’ve never thought about this before– there is a huge Elephant in the room when it comes to the Conservative Evangelical Community…..

Many Christian women have abortions too!

In fact there have been qualitative and quantitative studies on this.

A study in 1995 found that 18% of a sample of 1000 women who had abortions, identified themselves as Christians.


A study in 2006 suggests that out of the 1 million abortions in 2000, Christian women may have accounted for 570,000 of those 1 million.


I’d say the “Culture War” on Reproductive Rights is pretty much over.

We’ve got to end the “Culture War” on Gay Rights. After all there is another Elephant in the Room– Churches are full of gays! (Did you know that famous Christian Music Singer/Songwriter Ray Boltz came out in September of this year?).



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