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Revised Open Letter to Rick Warren December 18, 2008

Posted by joshuachayne in Uncategorized.

Here is a revised Open Letter to Rick Warren (I’ll also be mailing it to him)…

Dear Pastor Rick Warren,

How can you compare two gay adults in a loving, committed, consensual, and legal relationship to an adult who rapes a child?

Don’t you realize that the myth that gays are child molesters or just as bad has lead to hate crimes against gays where people have been beaten and murdered?

How can you say that gay marriage could lead to bestiality or pedophile marriages when animals and children cannot give legal consent and cannot enter into legal contracts/license?

Why do you say that gay marriage would lead to polygamy when the countries that have gay marriage (Canada, South African, much of Europe and soon Nepal) do not allow polygamous marriages?

Why do you say that every culture and religion has disallowed gay marriage when that is inaccurate since several Native American cultures/religions use to allow forms of homosexual marriage with their Two Spirits/Berdaches and Medieval Europe had Brotherhood Marriages where men married other men and the Dahomey of West Africa use to allow women to marry other women?

Why do you say that gay marriage will lead to Pastors being jailed when that is not true because America has a much stronger Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech than most of Europe?  We don’t have those kinds of hate speech laws and what happened to that Swedish preacher could not happen here.

Why do you say that homosexuality is unnatural when it occurs naturally in the animal kingdom and homosexual sheep and fruit flies have the same differences in their brains that homosexual people do?

Why do you say that you believe GLBT Americans should have all civil rights except marriage while supporting the criminalization of GLBT citizens in African nations?

Why do you lie on all these issues?  Isn’t lying a sin?  Shouldn’t you repent and apologize to the GLBT community for all the hurt and pain you have afflicted on them?

Love in Christ,




1. Tana Butler - December 19, 2008


I’m glad you got the last word in at Change.gov before they closed the thread. I left four comments myself in support of gay marriage, and cannot believe how many impediments to social justice there are in this world. So many blinders, so many people.

Anyway, you have my full support. I voted against Prop 8, of course, and will continue to add my voice to the chorus of those who sing for love and equality.

2. biterclinger - December 21, 2008

Josh, just refer to Romans, Chapter 1. All your vitriol will never help you get over the fact of Romans 1. Gays create nothing. Men and women, together, do. It’s the way of nature and the way of…ohmygoshcanitbe? GOD!

3. Michael - December 23, 2008

Rick Warren should be ashamed of himself for how he has characterized a whole group of fellow Americans.

But as usual men like him hide behind religion so he can use his prejudiced beliefs to attack those he doesn’t understand.

Warren may do some good deeds like raising awareness of global warming to those who are most skeptical -those of conservative mind sets, and of course he also encourages those to help those afflicted with HIV/AIDS.

But these things do not excuse the level of hate and ignorance he demonstrates when he compares gays to those who practice incest and other horrible acts.

Warren’s views are old and tired.

4. joshuachayne - December 23, 2008

Hey Tana, thanks for reading and posting!

Hey, BiterClinger, thanks for posting and feel free to continue reading and posting even if you disagree with my views.

First off, I have read Romans. I’m a liberal Christian so I also view science and academia as very important as well. I’m not a Bible literalist and I don’t place Paul’s words (or Moses etc) as being as important as Jesus’ words.

Also remember that many people are not Christian and to them the Bible is pretty much meaningless.

We live in a secular society and thus religious beliefs cannot be used to dictate public policy or to deny other groups their equal rights and protections.

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