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Rick Warren, Liar! (and overview of the Fiasco) December 23, 2008

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Popular Pastor, Rick Warren is now speaking out of both sides of his mouth. In response to the controversy over his comparisons between gay marriage and incest and pedophilia, Warren has posted a video blog on his website denying that he ever made such a comparison.

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Rick Warren–Severe Cognitive Dissonance December 18, 2008

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Rick Warren will be giving the Invocation at Obama’s Presidential Inauguration.  This choice has sparked controversey among the right who feel that a pro-lifer should not be a part of a pro-choice President’s Inauguration.  It has also ignited outrage on the left because Rick Warren supported Prop 8, recently equated gays with pedophiles, and has supported the criminalization of homosexuality in African nations.

From a recent interview with BeliefNet

Warren: “I’m opposed to having a brother and sister be together and call that marriage. I’m opposed to an older guy marrying a child and calling that a marriage. I’m opposed to one guy having multiple wives and calling that marriage.”

Waldman: “You think those are equivalent to gays getting married?”

Warren: “Oh, I do.”

Warren went on to say that he is not a homophobe, has gay friends, has eaten dinner in gay homes, and believes that gay couples should have other civil rights like benefits and insurance.

Yet how can he be friends with gay couples if he believes that their relationships or marriages (after all the 18,000 gay couples that got married in CA may end up keeping their marriages) are morally equivalent to incest or pedophilia?

And what about Rick Warren’s comments in Uganda which are diametrically opposed to his comments with BeliefNet that he views gays should have all equal rights and protections except for marriage?

Dr [Rick] Warren said that homosexuality is not a natural way of life and thus not a human right. “We shall not tolerate this aspect at all,” Dr Warren said.

Rick Warren was speaking in Uganda, an African nation that criminalizes homosexuality.

How can Rick Warren believe that gays in America should have all civil rights except marriage while simultaneously advocating for gays in Africa to be imprisoned or worse?

Its seems Rick Warren is like many of the other Right Wingers who experience severe cognitive dissonance (thats where people hold two opposing beliefs at the same time).

Either that or he is a liar.

 My Open Letter to Pastor Rick Warren…..

Dear Pastor Rick Warren,

How can you compare two gay adults in a loving, committed, consensual, and legal relationship to an adult who rapes a child?

Don’t you realize that the myth that gays are child molesters or just as bad has lead to hate crimes against gays where people have been beaten and murdered?

How can you say that gay marriage could lead to bestiality or pedophile marriages when animals and children cannot give legal consent and cannot enter into legal contracts/license?

Why do you say that gay marriage would lead to polygamy when the countries that have gay marriage (Canada, South African, much of Europe and soon Nepal) do not allow polygamous marriages?

Why do you say that every culture and religion has disallowed gay marriage when that is a lie since several Native American cultures/religions use to allow forms of homosexual marriage with their Two Spirits/Berdaches and Medieval Europe had Brotherhood Marriages where men married other men and the Dahomey of West Africa use to allow women to marry other women?

Why do you say that gay marriage will lead to Pastors being jailed when that is not true because America has a much stronger Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech than most of Europe?  We don’t have those kind of hate speech laws and what happened to that Swedish preacher could not happen here.

Why do you say that you believe GLBT Americans should have all civil rights except marriage while supporting the criminalization of GLBT citizens in African nations?

Why do you lie on all these issues?  Isn’t lying a sin?  Shouldn’t you repent and apologize to the GLBT community for all the hurt and pain you have afflicted on them?

Love in Christ,


Obama in the Middle July 10, 2008

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Obama supporters should not be shocked that he has been at least perceived to be pivoting towards centrist positions. That is the norm in campaign politics. Politicians play to their base during the primary and then move toward the center, arguably where most Americans are, for the general election.

Finally democrats are catching on that they can reach out to evangelicals and speak the language of faith too. It is usually the republicans who are more comfortable talking about faith but that has changed with this election. John McCain is not very open about his spiritual beliefs and doesn’t seem at ease when discussing religion. Obama, on the other hand, sometimes sounds like a preacher when he is giving a powerful speech. Its no question that Obama is an impressive orator but he also seems to have an intuitive understanding of the evangelical community even though his view of Christianity is more liberal than many of theirs.

Kerry made a big mistake in not courting evangelicals so it is nice seeing Obama reaching out to them. Obama says he will support an expansion of Bush’s faith based initiatives. He has also met with a group of evangelical leaders. However, Obama will have to do more than talk faith to convince those who disagree with his views on abortion and gay rights to vote for him. I believe that Obama should let them know that his inclusive beliefs come from or at least are compatible with his Christian faith.

Some of Obama’s more left leaning supporters also worry about his position on FISA which is going to allow telecommunications companies to have immunity from being held accountable for spying on americans. Obama also supports gun rights with some regulation and has said that mental illness should not be used to justify late term abortions. Obama also seems to support the death penalty in the case of brutal crimes against children.

Again, I don’t think that Obama supporters should be surprised. Yes, he is a liberal and a progressive, but he shouldn’t be expected to be an automaton that always keeps in step with the party line. After all there is much variation within the democratic party and within the liberal and progressive traditions as well. Most of us probably have a mix of liberal and conservative views.